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AgRecycle Organic RecyclingAbout AgRecycle

AgRecycle is Pennsylvania’s leader in organic recycling and the creation of environmentally beneficial soil amendments. Founded in 1991, we are a Pittsburgh headquartered composting company dedicated to the recycling and reuse of natural materials to enhance soils and foster plant growth.  

AgRecycle was the first agricultural company in Pennsylvania to be honored with the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence and Stewardship practices. 

Our primary focus is to operate
compost manufacturing facilities utilizing 100% recycled materials. We work exclusively with materials that have been source-separated prior to their integration into general waste streams. Our operations are regulated, permitted and inspected regularly by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Our composting facilities produce a variety of products for diverse soil needs. AgRecycle also makes products approved for certified organic production. We also offer collection and drop-off options for green waste materials and finished products.

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