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Soil is a valuable natural resource and an essential component of our eco-system. It is the living resource that supports 95% of all plant life on earth. AgRecycle is dedicated to the recycling and reuse of natural materials to enhance soils and foster plant growth using composting techniques.

Composting provides a means to recycle millions of tons of organic materials in a sustainable and earth friendly manner. Not only does composting conserve landfill space, but composting benefits the environment. The resulting product of composting is compost. Compost reintroduces organic matter with nutrients, minerals, and beneficial microorganisms back into our soils. A key element of the compost is stabilized carbon.

Composting Process

Composting is the biological decomposition of organic matter under controlled conditions. AgRecycle’s composting process utilizes aerobic (oxygen-using) microorganisms under initial high temperatures succeeded by the lengthy, important phase of mid-range temperatures.


AgRecycle’s composting sites utilize 100% natural methods. Feedstocks are scientifically combined to produce optimal results.  Rain water is the only additive. Oxygen, temperature, moisture and CO2 are carefully monitored through the process to create premium compost products under carefully controlled conditions. All of our composting sites are permitted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Compost Uses

Compost is the humus based, organic soil amendment resulting from the composting process after stabilization and curing have concluded. George Washington was an avid composter who designed a building specifically for this purpose on his farm in Mount Vernon, Virginia. 

Compost has been acknowledged as a valuable soil amendment for centuries for its use in:

  • gardening for edibles and ornamentals
  • container growing
  • tree root development when transplanting
  • organic crop production
  • establishment of new lawns  


Agrecycle’s compost has been widely used in many lesser-known applications:


  • AgRecycle’s compost was the soil remediation tool used to foster plant growth on abandoned steel mill sites where the soil had been devoid of plant life for forty years.  
  • Compost is a fundamental ingredient in green roof technologies.  
  • Compost is a major drought prevention tool as it has the ability to absorb 16-25 times its own weight in water.
  • Our composts have been tilled into steep slopes to reduce erosion and alleviate soil compaction.  


These beneficial uses of compost conserve natural resources, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, and are low-cost effective solutions. AgRecycle has the ability to produce tailor-made composts for specific purposes and use on soils with specific problems. 

AgRecycle composts are tested in accordance with the best management practices as jointly established by the USDA, U.S. EPA, and the Composting Council.


Customer Profile of the Month

"We’re thrilled to align ourselves with AgRecycle as the company’s objectives align so powerfully with our own business mission.

Partnering with AgRecycle has been extremely rewarding as not only has the company helped us pioneer our compost program, they have been extremely supportive of our efforts. Produce that is no longer suitable for sale and other compostable waste that used to go into landfills is now being hauled to facilities such as AgRecycle. These materials are turned into a nutrient rich compost that we spread in our community garden.

We strongly believe in the value of partnering with organizations pursuing higher standards of sustainability; each step we take proves that these efforts benefit all aspects of our local communities."

Kim Wynnyckyj
marketing specialist + community liaison

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5880 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206