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AgRecycle manufactures and sells products to address soil, plant and crop needs.  Our production methods are strictly controlled and comply fully with Pennsylvania’s regulations, and with the U.S. EPA’s standards. All of our finished compost products are tested at certified agricultural laboratories.

 AgRecycle  products are available at our distribution center on North Braddock Avenue.They are sold in bulk only,  by the cubic yard. Customers using this site must have a truck than can be loaded. Customers without trucks may contact us to have our products delivered directly to their homes.  


 AgRecycle compost is available in smaller amounts without the use of a truck through:                                                                                                  



Sestili Nursery                                             

3721 Swinburne St                                       

Pittsburgh, Pa  15213                                   





Bakerstown & Glenshaw

Feed & Garden Centers

5820 Route 8

Bakerstown, Pa 15007



1645 Butler Plank Rd

Glenshaw, Pa 15116








Products Available Daily:



1.AgRecycle Compost screened to ¾

Primarily used for soil tillage, container blends and mulching.

2. AgRecycle Compost screened to 3/8”

Primarily used for top dressing, annual flower beds, soil blending, tree transplanting and erosion control.



3. AgRecycle Compost screened to ¼”

Primarily used for top dressing fine turf (golf course fairways), top cover on new lawns and grass-over seeding.



4. AgRecycle’s Compost soil blend

Primarily used for foundation bases for plants, garden and lawn establishment and raised-bed gardens.



5. AgRecycle Single or Double shredded bark mulch

Mulch is primarily used for mulching and weed control around ornamentals.  The bark mulch that we sell is not made from trees that are deforested for this use.  Our mulch is the byproduct of trees that are used for the manufacturing of flooring and furniture.



AgRecycle also has the ability to produce tailor-made composts for specific purposes and use on soils with specific problems. Please call our office to find out more.



For Deliveries, please call the office at
(412) 767-7645



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AgRecycle Services

In addition to our services surrounding our compost products, we provide many other services. 

A partial list includes:



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Customer Profile of the Month

"We’re thrilled to align ourselves with AgRecycle as the company’s objectives align so powerfully with our own business mission.

Partnering with AgRecycle has been extremely rewarding as not only has the company helped us pioneer our compost program, they have been extremely supportive of our efforts. Produce that is no longer suitable for sale and other compostable waste that used to go into landfills is now being hauled to facilities such as AgRecycle. These materials are turned into a nutrient rich compost that we spread in our community garden.

We strongly believe in the value of partnering with organizations pursuing higher standards of sustainability; each step we take proves that these efforts benefit all aspects of our local communities."

Kim Wynnyckyj
marketing specialist + community liaison

Whole Foods Market Pittsburgh
5880 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206