Food Scrap Services

Food Scrap Services

In the United States, 25% of all prepared food is thrown away. That figure represents approximately 13% of our total waste stream, translating into 48 million tons or 96 billion pounds, 96,000,000,000 lbs.  

AgRecycle partners with food scrap generators to put an end to the wasting  of this valuable, recyclable resource. An AgRecycle client understands true sustainability. More importantly, they place good social values above the convenience of just throwing things out. These clients understand that “feeding first” is the top priority.  As such, the food residuals that are diverted to AgRecycle are the remnants of what was not appropriate to feed the hungry.  

The food waste generators working with AgRecycle represent a broad spectrum, including:

  • Cafeterias in corporate, academic, museum, medical and public venues

  • Sports and entertainment venues

  • Restaurants

  • Convention centers and complexes

  • Food processors and food product manufacturers

  • Grocery stores

  • Special events

  • “Zero Waste” endeavors


AgRecycle provides our own collection service for food scraps, as well as providing drop-off options for our customers.

Additionally, we provide services to help our clients identify compostable products that can be integrated into their purchasing plans as substitutes for noncompostable packaging and service ware.  This is an important up-front process, as many product distributors do not understand the differences between compostable and biodegradableCompostable products must pass standards established by the ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials).