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Welcome to AgRecycle

AgRecycle is Pennsylvania’s largest source-separated composting operation. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, for two decades AgRecycle has provided all-natural solutions to enhance depleted soils, and to responsibly handle the greatest percentage of the waste stream.

Composting Products

Rainwater and sunlight are the only additions to our compost manufacturing practices. From 100% recyclable materials, no virgin products, we manufacture Pennsylvania’s premium composts and soil

In addition to traditional landscaping and gardening uses, our broad range of
finished products also includes:
-a line approved for certified organic production
-blends used to remediate contaminated soils
-green roof ingredients
-custom use blends


Composting Collection Services

We provide collection and drop-off services for:
food scraps
- yard debris
- manures
- untreated wood waste
- corrugated
and most other organic by-products

At AgRecycle, we know that by combining bygone principles with today’s best practices, we will achieve the right solutions for tomorrow.


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