AgRecycle was founded in 1991, with the belief that the largest portion of the organic waste stream can be beneficially transformed to improve soil fertility and health while greatly diminishing the escape of greenhouse gases that are deteriorating our atmosphere. AgRecycle was first commercial composting enterprise in the United States founded by a woman and remains woman owned.
We have been making composts since 1991, exclusively using scraps and trimmings that were otherwise landfill bound. Sunshine and rainwater are the only additives to our process.


Adherence to Best Practices

AgRecycle runs composting sites fully permitted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and approved by the federal government. Our permit allows us to compost the following items:

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Agricultural materials, cardboard and certain wax coated cardboard, certified compostable products, food processing wastes, food residuals pre and post consumer, herbivore manures including bedding, land clearing items, paper, spent mushroom substrate, virgin papermill sludge, wood waste (untreated) and yard waste.


Importantly, all Pennsylvania composting permits require the composter to receive only compostable products that have been source separated by the generator of the materials. Composters are barred from accepting mixed waste streams and separating out the compostables.

Our Journey

AgRecycle's progression of materials accepted for composting has kept pace with every new allowance permitted by the Pennsylvania Department of Environment Protection.

Per DEP regulations, opened our first composting site for yard debris

Opened our first location where landscapers and residents are able to drop off yard debris

Added clean wood waste and herbivore manures (with bedding) to our compostable acceptance stream

Pre - consumer vegetative food waste and untreated paper were permitted to be allowable at our composting site

Our second composting site was approved by DEP

AgRecycle was approved to be the first composting site in Pennsylvania to receive a General Composting Permit. This permit allowed us to expand our acceptance policies to include all food waste in both Pre and Post consumer streams as well as additional paper sources and other organics

AgRecycle was the first composting company in the United States to utilize trucks on collection routes dedicated exclusively for food waste and the organic item streams associated with it

AgRecycle began to accept Certified Compostable food serviceware

AgRecycle expands collection routes for yard debris and food scraps

New Pennsylvania permitting allows to include the composting of green building materials

AgRecycle will be launching its first drop off program for food scraps from the residential stream utilizing certified compostable bags

Awards Won

Pennsylvania Governor's Award

exemplary achievement in innovative pollution prevention and recycling techniques.

Pennsylvania Resource Council

recognition for our unique contributions towards achieving zero waste

Rodale Institute

The Organic Pioneer Award

Major League Baseball

The Jackie Robinson Award

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