We adhere to the Best Practice Standards set forth for the composting industry based on the science of bio-degradation and the needed time periods and temperature shifts to maximize the development of beneficial micro-organisms that make our composts truly remarkable in their role as soil amendments.

There are no short cuts at AgRecycle. Neither "hot rot" nor "passive stockpiling" are methods employed in our process.

Throughout this optimal process of beneficial decomposition, all compost feedstocks are monitored for oxygen, moisture, and temperature while being mechanically turned when precise readings are achieved. As such, it takes us between seven and eleven months to manufacture, screen, and cure each batch before we feel it is ready to market.

All AgRecycle composts are manufactured in accordance with both Pennsylvania's and the EPA's permitting requirements for decomposition, monitoring and product stability.

Product Categories


Our composts are agriculturally classified as soil amendments that positively impact soil structure and soil nutrition while enhancing plant growth and imbuing the soil with increased organic matter.


Our compost soil blend is a planting ready medium for all plants, trees, shrubs and seeds.


Our mulches help retain moisture around your plants, deter the development of weeds and cosmetically enhance all planting areas.


We manufacture tailor made blends per specific customer requirements.


Compost screened to 3/8"

This refined, screened, and cured finished compost can be used broadly. It performs equally well when tilled into soil for advantageous vegetable, flower, tree, and shrub growth. It also makes a great top dressing for newly established beds. $55.00 per cubic yard.

PA Certified Organic Compost

Meets all of the uses and functionality of 3/8" compost made with strict adherence of PA Certified Organics protocols. $63.00 per cubic yard.

Compost screened to 1/4"

Primarily used for grass seed establishment, top dressing fine turf (golf course fairways), and top cover on new lawns. $68.00 per cubic yard.

Planting Ready Compost/Soil Blend

Primarily used in raised planting beds, patio pots, filling out lawn swales and establishing new yards. $70.00 per cubic yard.

Single shredded and triple shredded bark mulch

Primarily used for weed control and moisture retention around ornamentals. The bark mulch sold by AgRecycle is NOT from trees deforested for this use. Our mulch is a byproduct from trees that are used in the manufacturing of furniture and flooring. $35.00 per cubic yard, single shredded and $49.00 per cubic yard, triple shredded.

Leaf mulch

Provides the same functionality as bark mulch but displays a different cosmetic appeal. It also supplies an additional nutrient enrichment to the soil as it breaks down. $38.00 per cubic yard.

This product that AgRecycle manufactures is of limited availability and sells out rapidly.